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2 years ago

Get the best of DirecTV

Get the best of DirecTV

When it comes to DirecTV, it’s a very valuable and popular digital satellite television provider offering their services  in the U.S. some say that the current customer count of Direct TV surpassed 20 million and that it is still growing rapidly thanks to the amazing bundles and package offers that Direct made with several big ISP’s (internet service providers) in the U.S. that said there has also been a lot of rumor of Direct TV soon being bought out by AT&T and the sum that tis mentioned offered for this deal is $50 billion. However none of this news ever officially confirmed yet by the representatives of Direct or by official representatives of AT&T.

That all said, if you were going to take advantage of one of DirecTV supper affordable bundles with the mentioned ISP’s (you get to choose between Verizon, Exede, Century Link, Hughes Net, Cincinnati Bell, Media Com, etc.) you should act fast. Chance are that if AT&T does go ahead with the deal and really buys out Direct they won’t be partnering up with competing companies in order to offer cheaper Direct TV services and bundles. So act now while these offers are still valid and lock your price down. In order to get exact prices and bundles, check out the homepages of these providers for more details. 

That said DirecTV is still very much worth getting on its own as there are amazing packages offered. Especially if you compare their value to cable provider that is a lot more expensive and you don’t get the same big channel list you will get with Direct. Also Direct will soon be broadcasting all of their channels in full HD so the quality of the offered services is just incomparable. 

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